Ford 1998 F150 Radiator-Going on Number 5

The Ford dealership has replaced the radiator 3 times and a local mechanic has now replaced the radiator twice. I’ve added a kit that is supposed to eliminate the electrolysis problem, two radiators ago. The radiator replacements last about 6 months before a leak appears.

Any suggestions?

Has there ever been front end damage to the vehicle? If the radiator core support is tweaked, and a radiator is installed, it can put a stress on the radiator when it’s tightened down causing the radiator to open up between the core and tanks creating a leak.


The Ford dealer checked the radiator mounts. No front end collisions.

My husband’s 1998 F150 with Trailer Towing Package has experienced the same multiple radiator replacement issue. The first radiator lasted 100,000 miles 2 subsequent radiators have failed yearly. Wondering if the Trailer Towing package included a heavy duty radiator that is not being replaced correctly during repair?

Could there be a very slight head gasket leak? One that only appears after extended engine operation.