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Honda pilot steering wheel shaking intermittently at 25-30mph

I have taken my 2003 honda pilot to two mechanics who cannot figure out why this is happening. Some days it does not happen at all. Other days it happens two or three times. At first, around 25-30mph, the steering wheel would shake like crazy like I had gone over a cattle guard really fast or something. When I let off the accelerator, it stopped. This happened for a couple of months. Now, it no longer shakes, but instead I hear a strange noise coming from under the car near the driver when shifting 25-30 mph. Again, it is intermittent and stops when I let off the gas. Does anyone have an idea of what is going on??

You may have a possible worn/broken motor or transmission mount.

Is that something I should be able to see myself (if I knew where to look)?

Could it have anything to do with needing new tires?