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Honda Pilot headlights

For the first year and a half, I left the headlights turned on so that they would come on when I turned the Pilot on (I am surprised that Honda would not have automatic headlights. Even my husband’s pick up truck has them.), until the service department manager told me I shouldn’t. The reasons were vague–“it’s not good for the vehicle.”

Is it harmful to my 2006 Honda Pilot to leave the light switch on? Am I running down the battery? What’s happening?

You’ve Done This For A Year And A Half And Everything’s Alright?

I would think that you’re not hurting anything. Does your Owner’s Manual say anything about it?

What brought up the lights in the conversation you had with the Service Manager? How did he/she know you were doing this on a regular basis?


The manual does not say anything about this. The headlights go off after several seconds once you’ve turned the car off so I started doing this because it shouldn’t run the battery down (I thought).

At a regular oil change, I mentioned it to the manager because I would like to have confirmation that it was okay to do.