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Honda Pilot Drive Alignment

I am considering the purchase of a 2009/2010 Honda Pilot Touring model. Concerned about it “pulling” to the right. Anyone have any insight?

If I am interpreting your post correctly, you test-drove a Honda Pilot, and that particular one pulled to the right.
Is that correct?

If you really want this particular one, tell the dealership that you will only buy it after the wheels have been properly aligned. And, then test-drive it again in order to confirm that an alignment has been done.

Alternatively, if you are telling us that all Honda Pilots “pull to the right”, this is not true, and whoever told you that is full of bovine excrement.

Have seen consumer reviews on other sites where they have indicated it has been a problem. Just wondering if wide spread or isolated to those individual’s particular vehicles.

Friends of mine have a Pilot. It does NOT pull to the right, or to the left. This sounds totally BOGUS to me. Just because it’s on the Internet doesn’t mean it’s true.

Go take a Pilot for a test drive and see for yourself.

The only time a car wanders off center is when the road crown is so great that the car goes down hill. Or the alignment is off. It might leave the factory with poor alignment, or a test driver may have hit a bump so hard that the alignment is now off. In either case, make sure the dealer performs a 4-wheel alignment and then test drive it again to make sure the wandering is gone.

A variety of reasons why a car can pull to right, some of which do not include alignment problems. A dealership that tries to sell a car w/o an easily done alignment or tire change is hiding something. I’ve run into this situation before on a truck where frame damage was an issue and all the alignments in the world wouldn’t help. If it isn’t easily and quickly rectified to your satisfaction prior to any purchase consideration, I would run not walk somewhere else.

I consider damage to be an alignment issue, or at least alignment is a characteristic of the larger problem. A test drive after alignment would help point out the issue. If the car still veers or seems to drive sideways, damage to the frame is a good possibility. But it doesn’t matter. If the alignment can’t be fixed, there is no good reason to buy the truck.