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Honda Odyssey Transmission

My wife and I recently purchased a used Automatic 2007 Honda Odyssey with less than 10,000 miles on in from the local Honda dealer. After driving the car for about 1,000 mi now, my wife a life-long standard driver, has noticed that we can hear a sustained rumbling sound when driving at speeds around 45 mph. She associates the sound with gears grinding, as you would get when trying to drive too slowly with a higher gear on a manual transmission. As a life-long automatic driver I am woefully (or blissfully) ignorant of such connections and am happy coaxing a gear-shift by changing the pressure I apply to the accelerator. The questions are 1) is the noise we are hearing normal for an automatic and 2) what (if anything) should we do about it?

Thank you very much for you help,


I also have a Honda Odyssey, and my name is Sam. Small world…

I would wonder about the tires myself. You wouldn’t think the transmission would be going sour on a 2007. However, you also have to wonder why someone would trade in a 2007 with less than 10K miles.

At any rate, I assume this one is still under warranty. Take it into the dealer and let them figure it out. Good luck.