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Honda Odyssey - steering pulls

2000 Odyssey, 120k miles - when accelerating and the transmission shifts (usually from 2nd to 3rd) the car veers to the right for a split second then back to normal, straight ahead driving.

It feels like you hit a patch of ice and then the tires caught and you were going straight again.

Took it in to the Honda dealership and they said it was caused by too high of steer tire pressure but it still does it after they let some of the air out.

I think the front tires are receiving the transmission power at different times but I’m no mechanic.


poss mtr mounts worn and sagged,and antiroll mts broke or worn,this changes all angles in relation to axles and trans,and will change under a load, and can cause pulling issues…i think the frt and rear antiroll mts are electronicly controlled(not for sure on that year,but the new ones are.

It’s called “torque steer”, common with FWD vehicles, especially ones with worn front-end parts. Have a REAL front-end shop check it out. Look for loose control-arm bushings, tie-rod ends, strut mounts…

figured the dealer checked the basics already,you mean like northstar caddys,torque steer you right off the rosd?