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Honda odyssey 2001 - transmission fluid question?

Need advise - Transmission was replaced by Honda dealership at 106000 miles, Not changed
the fluid since - now it is at 160000 miles - Checked - fluid level is okay - no burnt smell
Is it advisable to change the fluid and how to go about it -Heard that if you replace the fluid -
the sludge which is accumulated in the transmission may shift and create problems.
Is it true ??

You should be changing fluid more frequently, like every 30K miles. The Odyssey transmissions are “weak” and you are pushing your luck with your second tranny.

Flushing is not a good idea IMO. Using Honda brand transmission fluid is very critical in Hondas. Therefore, don’t go to a “quickie lube” place; they will want to flush the tranny and don’t use Honda brand fluids to refill it. I’d suggest going to a Honda dealer, or an independent transmission shop - soon. Have the pan dropped, cleaned, a new filter installed, and refilled with Honda brand fluid. Then make a note to do it again at 190K miles if you still have the Odyssey.

This van doesn’t have a pan or a filter. It does have a drain bolt though. Drain the old tranny fluid and add the same amount of new fluid every 30,000 miles. This will only change about half the total fluid though, so you may want to drain and refill a couple times. Drain, refill. Drive it a little bit, then repeat.

I have an Accord with the same transmission. You should change the fluid now. Color is another sign of age. If the fluid has turned brown from red, you need to change fluid. Uncle T’s suggestion of 30,000 miles is reasonable.

You can get Honda ATX transmission fluid at Jiffy Lube, and they will either flush the fluid (bad idea) or drain it. Draining is about half the cost of flushing, anyway. Make sure that wherever you take it, they use Honda ATX transmission fluid. Honda recommends draining three times, but you can do it once if you keep the intervals short. Also, up to one-third will remain in the transmission.

When I did it last, it took the full rated amount. So, it appears that less than one third remained in my transmission. You can help the fluid drain if the car is well warmed up before draining. This will reduce the viscosity and help it drain. About 20 minutes of driving should do it.