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Honda loses acceleration, not the transmission

My 2001 manual transmission Honda Civic lost acceleration and died a few weeks ago. Was pressing the gas all the way down and it just wouldn’t go. I was able to get the ac/radio to turn on but couldn’t get it restarted. After 5 minutes, I got it started and was able to get it through the intersection into a parking lot before it died again. It jerked and made loud popping noises and never would go more than 5 mph the whole time. Had it towed to the shop. They tried to start the car the next morning and did so with no problems. The check engine light showed a timing issue. Later that day, they restarted and no check engine light and no problems, but we knew the timing belt was way overdue (165000 miles, never replaced) so we all hoped I got a lucky warning and they replaced that and sent me on my way. Two weeks later it did the same thing and died again. This time it was close enough to home to restart it and get it home. It jerked and popped and then at one point it was as if a clog got cleared and I shot off down the street, because I had the pedal to the floor. Then it started decelerating again but I got it home-smelled a slight burning smell. Waited until the next morning, suspecting it would be fine, and drove it to the shop myself with no problems. This time the codes showed it needed a new O2 sensor and a cam shaft sensor. They replaced those, feeling certain that must have been the issue. Drove it home with no problem, went to leave the house that night and as soon as I got out of the driveway, it started doing it again. This time, though, the car did not die and I was able to turn it around and get it back into the driveway. The shop sent a tow truck and they’ve had it since, but can’t get the car to replicate the problem and there is nothing showing up as being wrong (and I swear I’m not imagining this). Have been assured that it’s not the transmission, not the fuel filter. They think it might be something electrical but can’t figure it out. Anyone have any ideas?

The electronic ignition module has become intermittent…But I’m just guessing and guesswork can be expensive…

Next time it happens, remove the gas cap and try to start it. If it works, your tank isn’t venting properly. What you’re experiencing is a classic symptom.

I am having the same thing happen with my 2002 Honda Civic - it has happened twice so far, both times my mechanic has found nothing wrong with it and is able to start it up just fine. Anyone have any more info? They are suggesting something electrical.

Well, if it’s the same thing Meliss618 experienced, then Caddyman’s and my answers stand :wink:

Got off the phone with the mechanic and there is a possibility it is the throttle positioning sensor but they are not sure. It keeps doing it but won’t trigger a code. They have said it is not the gas cap/venting problem and they don’t think it’s the electronic ignition module.

I hope your mechanic knows that just because it doesn’t throw a code for venting, doesn’t mean that there isn’t a problem with the venting.

Hmmm, I tried the gas cap thing and its fine. Should I just keep driving it until it does it again?! It just seems like a mystery. Also only has happened when my boyfriend has been driving and he does accelerate a little hard after coming to a stop (even in stop and go traffic), but could of course be a coincidence!