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Honda Hydrogen project

Does anyone know how the Honda Hydrogen project is going in southern California?

No idea…but hydrogen power for electricity is loved by the oil companies I feel.As long as they have the distribution rights, they can control the price at the pump.
Please, no straight EV’s for them. That’s why Dubya, an oil man, at least verbally supported it. Right now, I believe still, hydrogen takes more energy to produce than it delivers. Correct me if I’m wrong…I have so little use for H2 power, I don’t even want to Google it.

Aparent;y a few ones have been shipped. 200 planned in the next 3 years.

Status update here:

But you are right: Awfully few updates since the announcement last year.

Top Gear in England did a review on the Honda Clarity a few days ago. Here is the video via

They also did some testing on the Tesla Roadster. Again, via Jalopnik.

The POWERS THAT BE are holding green lights on their CHOSEN energy alternatives while throwing dung on coal. And the public is falling for their propaganda.

Greenies aren’t pushing hydrogen…petro funded politics are. I would support taking the monopoly oil companies have on all transportation and opening up to competition from small business alternate fuel options. Hydrogen is so expensive that distribution would still be in the hands of Exxon and the like. Coal is just another controlled energy resource that locals would be dependent upon. Alcohol based (not just ethanol) local wind, water power generation and sun light are small business ventures…support these.