Honda Fit

I was all set to buy a 2008 Honda Fit. I currently have a 1997 Pontiac Sunfire that has been on its last leg for quite a while. And I can’t endure another Midwest summer without AC. But now I see that the Fit will be all new for 2009! So I don’t want to get a new car that will change so much for the better a year later. What do I do? Should I get a different car or wait (and pray) that the Sunfire gets me through?

How much better can the '09 be? Is it going to fly or something? If there is something about the '08 that you don’t like, don’t count on it being fixed in the '09.

You can try to wait out obsolescence, but that’s a game you’ll rarely win (as an Apple computer -lower case c now- fanatic, this is something I know about all too well.)

The Fit is a well proven, excellent car. It would be a better choice than waiting for a new model whichwll probably be more expensive and could have some teething problems. The Fit wil be lightyears better than your present car in all respects. GO FOR IT!!

Personally I would wait till the Sunfire dies or the day you can’t take the heat so to speak. This is especially true if you are going to be making payments.

If you make it to when 2009 is available try it back to back to a 2008.

I always postpone purchases in order to wait until something more advanced comes along. That is why I limp along in my Studebaker Champion, watch television on my 14" black and white DuMont, listen to my Philco console radio, play my 78 rpm records on my acoustically amplified wind up Victrola, and do my computing with my Babbage Analytic Engine.

Seriously, things change and sometimes improve. That is what we call progress. However, I doubt that the 2009 Honda Fit will be a quantum leap over the 2008 model. This time of the year is often the best time to get a good price on a car. You state that you will want an air conditioned car for next summer. This might be a good time, depending on your finances, to upgrade to a later model.

Let's face it, many all new much better models are the same old with new cup holders.

or they move some of the plastic pieces around or maybe redesign the headlamps. Same **** different pile.

The 2009 Fit is roomier with better handling(which was good in the past)/comfort addressing complaints of current car. It also only gets a 44lb weight gain.It sounds like it may worth the wait.

“another Midwest summer without AC.” Personally, that would do it for me. And, as someone pointed out, new models often have teething problems, meaning you really should wait to 2010. There’s always something better just over the horizon. Why not get the car you want now? Also, I wonder if there’s another option out there no one’s considered, albeit a risky one. Short term lease? Take over someone else’s lease? Buy a decent used car with AC from a private seller, and then sell it in a couple of years when you buy the Fit? Anyone else have any ideas?

If you want something roomier, more power, etc. consider the Civic instead.
The Civic gets good gas mileage too and is a proven car.

Thanks! You are all so kind with your thoughtful responses. Now I need to pick a color. And if anyone has thoughts on another good alternative to the Honda Fit (Civics I know are solid cars) that gets good gas mileage in the city, I’ll be checking back. I’m leaning toward a smaller car or a hybrid, but all feedback is welcome. Thanks again.


For citiy cars only there is a good choice. The Toyota Yaris is very good. Suzuki Swift is fun to drive, easy to park and has a good record. The Hyundai Accent is a sturdy car with one of the best warranties in the business.