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Honda Fit Stalling and Hesitating

I have a 2007 Honda Fit automatic base model that I bought brand new in '07. I have been faithful with routine maintenance. The car has 108,000 miles on it, due to my long daily commute. At about 100,000 miles, the check engine light started coming on intermittently, and the car started revving really high before it would switch gears. It also started shutting off when I?d shift from park into reverse or drive, when the engine was cold. Mechanic said nothing was wrong with the tranny. He found 2 error codes on valves 1 and 3. He cleared them, and the revving stopped, however, it would still stall when shifting. All was fine for about 3,000 miles after that. Now the check engine light is on constantly. There is no high revving, but it still stalls when shifting into reverse or drive. It has also started sputtering and hesitating when pulling out from a stop, even after driving 30 miles. What?s going on?

You’ll have to take the car somewhere and have the codes read to find out what’s wrong. Many auto parts stores will do this free. The codes this time may be different from the last time.

The light is telling you there is a problem. It’s up to you and your mechanic to diagnose and repair it.

My mechanic did a quick check on it last night. He said there were misfire codes on cylinders 2, 3, and 4, and a general (I think 300) code on cylinder 1. He checked for leaky hoses and couldn’t find anything. We had changed the spark plugs when it did this before a few months ago, so we know those are ok. He wants to try a new fuel filter today. Any other suggestions?

Has DTC PO420 Ever Been Found Along With Misfire Codes ? Some 07 Fits Have Had Problems With This Particular DTC And A Solution Is vailable.


The fuel filter on this vehicle is not replaceable, it is part of the fuel pump. Does your mechanic know this?

Yeah, we realized that later on when he was looking into it.

I was researching on some Honda Fit forums, and a lot of people are having this same issue. Most of them are being resolved by putting in new coil packs. Does this sound like a possibility?

I don’t remember him mentioning a DTC PO420 code. He only mentioned the 3 misfire codes and the general 300 code.

It does sound like a possibility. Although usually you don’t see more than one go at once but it is certainly possible.