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Honda Fit Misfire

I have a 2007 Honda Fit that seems to misfire when idling both in park and drive. It occurs with the A/C on and off. We have changed the plugs and all coils and it continues. This car has 56,000 miles, the problem started at about 40,000 miles.

What are DTC’s set in the computer?


Have you performed a compression test?

Have you checked and adjused the valve lash . . . I think you do NOT have hydraulic valve lash adjusters

Just because the valves aren’t noisey, does not mean the valve lash is fine

Have you read codes?

Do you know which specific cylinder is misfiring?

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The ignition module is probably the next one to try, if you want to continue with the parts swap approach. You can run out of money before you run out of idea what to replace pretty fast though. I concur w/Tester above, at the very minimum before you replace anything else, read out the diagnostic trouble codes from the car’s OBD II computer. If you post what you find here, I expect you’ll get some better ideas what to try next. Note: Just b/c the check engine light isn’t on doesn’t imply there are no diagnostic codes stored in computer memory. If you decide to take it to a shop to read out the DTCs, ask them to perform a fuel trim test too.

did you replace the ignition distributor? If not, do that next. Had a similar problem on Acura CL and that took care of it.

Does a 2007 Fit use a distributor though? Or are you referring to something different than what I think of as a “distributor”, the gadget used on pre-COP engines that rotates the ignition rotor inside the distributor cap to route the sparks?

I tend to agree with George

I’d be hard pressed to believe a 2007 Honda uses a distributor

The newest vehicle I can personally think of that used a distributor was a 2005 Astro van. That was the last year for that vehicle, and they hadn’t made any significant changes in quite some time

Since the vehicle has a coil-on-plug secondary ignition system, there is no distributor.

But what might be the problem with the idle is a dirty electronic throttle body.

Instead of an idle air control valve that can cause this problem, your throttle body doesn’t have one. But instead the electronic throttle body controls the idle speed.

Try having the throttle body cleaned to see if it remedies the idle problem.


why do they sell distributor caps for Honda Fit’s?

Edit: Maybe it’s called something else, coil plug or something like that.

Look on RockAuto.

There is no distributor cap listed for a 2007 Honda FIT.

But you can get the coils that fit onto the spark plugs!,2007,fit,1.5l+l4,1433357,ignition,ignition+coil,7060


48,918, codes scanned, no codes. Performed intake induction service,cleaned EGR valve.
45,987, found 2 bad coils ( cyls 1 & 2), changed out.
44,689 # 4 coil bad, replaced.
42, 357 throttle body cleaned.

Coil #3 was also changed, I just do not have the mileage of that change.

With less than 60k & the several coils failing like that makes me think there’s some other problem involved. I’d suspect the spark plug gap being too wide, or the ignition module. Do you live in a location where it gets really hot?

I live in Florida. A suggestion we received in the past was to reduce the gap, that did not correct the problem. We found out today that it ONLY happens when in gear. This is an automatic trans.

It does not appear to happen when the A/C is off.

I continue to think you have an ignition module problem of some kind. Off chance, there’s a problem with the power going to the ignition module due to a weak battery or a connection problem.