Honda Fit Sport: Should I replace wheels to accommodate standard tires?

Yeah, for coping with chronic snow conditions, nothing beats snow tires. Definitely worth the twice a year change-out. I miss the beauty of snow, but not the hassles. If it ever gets to be too much, put on those all-seasons and head south…

“Tire Rack also has 195/60R15 tires with a 24.2” diameter, or 3.5% larger."

This size tire should work fine, last a lot longer and be available at a better price. It will also ride noticeably better too…Most speedometers read a little fast, so this slight change should not cause any problems in that regard.

Very helpful! Will check out the 60s. Thanks, Caddyman.


The regular FIT has 14 inch rims; the Sport has 15 inch rims. You could easily put 185/65x14 tires on stock 14 inch rims and end up with the same total diameter. So, look around for a set of FIT 14 inch rims. You might even find them used somewhere because I imagine there are people who would buy aftermarket rims to replace the standard, plain ones. Then put high mileage tires 185/65x14 on those rims and they will last. You lose a little of the sharp handing, but you gain mileage, and maybe a smoother ride. Probably go better in snow, too.

Very, very helpful, wentwest! I’m a grandma who wants safe, reliable, economical transportation, with no desire to go zipping about. The Fit is fun to drive but nowhere near as economical as the Saturn it replaced. I only bought it because I got a good deal, and because I figured it would “go the distance” with me, whereas the Saturn–good as it was–could not. But as the Fit costs ever more to operate and maintain (relative to my last several cars), I sometimes rue having bought it.

The prospect of being able to use more economical tires would let me enjoy the Fit more, rather than “resent” it for being so costly long term. Would also like that smoother ride you mentioned. First, though, I need to find out what the smaller rims with larger tires does to odometer & speedometer calibrations.

Thanks so much.

Sized properly, the 14" rims/tires will not affect odometer/speedometer. I would still stick with the 15"s, though, save the cost of rims, maybe (at the next tire change) go to 195/60s. One reason you Fit is so fun to drive is the tires. Don’t go with the cheapest tires, even if long-lasting. The handling will suffer, and road noise might increase.

Thanks, texases. You make some really good points. I certainly don’t want more road noise; the Fit is already plenty loud (something I wasn’t expecting, given how quiet larger Hondas are). My son-in-law agrees with you and the majority here, to stick with original size tires.

Sure do appreciate your input, and everybody else’s. I’m learning a lot here!