Honda Fit Automatic

When I’m at a stoplight, is there a problem if I shift into neutral?

One of my friends says that if I do that I will confuse the car’s computer and it’s a bad thing. I wonder if it’ll save gas and make my mileage better…

Shifting into neutral will confuse the Computer??? HUH???

It won’t save you any gas by shifting into neutral. Just keep it in gear.

some cars will actually put more fuel into the engine when it’s in neutral as opposed to being in gear

No confusion. It is not a good idea to perform this function each and evry time you stop. it is not neccessary and will not save fuel. It will however cause the valves in the tranny to operate(open and close) beyond NORMAL use. Once again, you get to have the control(test) vehicle for the honda fit. let us know if you have problems before your scheduled maintenance.