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Honda Fit 2007 Brake Light not working

The passenger side rear tail light is not working on my Honda fit 2007.
I have replaced bulbs on both sides and the problem remains.
I checked the fuse diagram I could find online but did not see which fuse would help in this case, and would there be a fuse just for the passenger side?
I would like t start with the fuse and see if that helps.

Any other ideas?
Many Thanks!

Are you saying that the tail light doesn’t work, but the brake light does?


I apologize, it is the passenger side brake light (lower red light) the top red light works on both sides

There are no seperate fuses for each side. You have a broken wire, a bad socket or a bad ground. with a 12 volt test light see if you are getting power at the contact for the bulb. If you are, it is a bad ground. If notstart cgecking back the wire. If you have power just behind the socket. replace the socket.

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Concur w/OT11 above, a single brake light going out on one side is unlikely to be a fuse problem. Unless your owners manual says differently, dismiss the fuse idea. My guess is the socket is a little corroded and not making good electrical contact with the new bulb. I replaced a license plate bulb on my aged truck a couple months ago, and had great difficulty to get the new bulb to work b/c of that same problem. You may need to look at the socket w/a magnifying glass to see where the corrosion is occurring. I checked for a ground problem too, but probing with an ohm meter showed the ground was making good contact with the frame already. Probing w/a volt meter showed I was getting proper voltage, but the bulb wouldn’t light, b/c of poor electrical contact b/t the bulb and socket. This didn’t work in my case, but sometimse you can clean up a corroded socket by rubbing it with a pencil eraser.

You are correct, there was some light corrosion. A few rubs and it started working again.
Thank you very much

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Glad you got the problem resolved. And with nothing more than a pencil. Good for you.