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I used this site earlier in 2009 right after purchasing a 2007 HONDA ELEMENT SC, which came to me with a frozen brake caliper. That’s all fixed up now, with no further issues, BUT…

Are there any of you out there that have been told that HONDA rarely puts SLIDE LUBE on these cars when they come out of the factory, inviting this problem in the future of ALL ELEMENTS? (This is what I’ve been told, by expertsd, many times).

What “expert” told you that. Metal to metal sliding parts need lubrication, period.

The expert that fixed the problem, at a MIDAS shop. Also, the HONDA dealership that finally realized that the front slides had the same problem at 23 K miles, and corrected it.

I haven’t been told that Honda rarely puts lube on the slides, but lube certainly can’t hurt. Honestly, I have no idea if any manufacturers lube the slides at the factory.