Honda Electric power sterring control

Good day guys I have a 2012 Honda civic lx, and whenever it rains, no matter how little I rained, my sterring wheel will be hard to move and I will have this Check power steering control on the dashboard but once I drive it for sometime and restarts the car, it comes back to normal. Why and what should I do thanks.

The why is obvious, because this is a problem! The what, well, the power steering computer stores error codes that can be read with a professional code reader. The error or errors will direct you to what is getting water into it. Likely a sensor. Hopefully a sensor. Could be the computer.

If you don’t have the tools and expertise, it needs to go to a shop equipped with those tools. A dealer will have them but well equipped independents will, too.


A competent, honest shop should given you a diagnosis for a small fee. It takes more than a few minutes to diagnose most problems. The fee is well worth it.