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Honda CRV Transmission problem

Help! I had the front axle replaced on my CRV. About a week later I noticed a leak and was about 1 1/2 quarts low on fluid which I filled. The next day the transmission went out (started slipping and quit pulling). The transmisssion shop said the cause of failure was the clip came off the axle and got into the transmission to fail. I had other mechanics say this could happen and cause failure. But my mechanic who replaced the axle said if the clip came off it would fall into the differential and could not get into the transmission. Can anyone shed any light on who is correct?

I’ve seen this happen before. And what can happen is when a front halfshaft is replaced, and isn’t fully seated into the transaxle, the circlip fails to engage into it’s locking groove. When this happens, the halfshaft is able to slip back and forth along it’s splines as that tire/wheel moves over bumps. The splines on the halfshaft come in contact with the seal in the transaxle causing it to leak. If allowed to continue long enough will cause a major transmission leak.

Because this all occured after the halfshaft replacement, I would have to say the halfshaft installation was done incorrectly.