Honda CRV Cruise Control Issue

I had the 60,000 mile service for my 2004 CRV done. Every time I use the cruise control after that, the car is out of control. It starts to slow down, suddenly speed up, jerks forward and almost feels like the engine is ‘choking’. What is causing the problem? Could it be something that the service messed up while servicing the transmission as part of the recommended service?

If you had not problems with the cruise control prior to the 60K service, then, yes, something happened.

It may be something simple. Have you take the vehicle back to whoever did the service?

The cruise control works for about 15 minutes and then starts to act up. Some days it has worked without problems. Today, it would not work at all.
Honda service said I need to relace the cruise control actuator for a total of $600. Here again, they said it is most likely to be the problem - not for certain!
What next !!!???!!!