Honda CRV 2010 TPMS faulty sensors!

We own a 2010 Honda CRV and at 25,000 miles the TPMS light started coming on every time the car was driven for thirty minutes on the highway. It has been to the dealership four times now and it is still not fixed. They first relearned the system and then they replaced the component that the sensors communicate with and the light continued to come on every time. They then replaced all four sensors as well as the radio. The light still came on again after thirty minutes into a long drive at high speed. The air conditioner panel was swapped with another and problem still not solved. They replaced two more brand new sensors on rear tires for new ones because the rear tires still showed faulty sensors. For some reason they decided to take the tires off and replace with tires from another CRV they had on their lot which had alloy wheels and not steel and they test drove it and claimed the TPMS light did not come on. This was a waste of time because they just put the original tires back on anyway. Every time the car was taken in they claimed they fixed it and test drove it to make sure. After four visits to the dealership and the last time they had it for over a week, the car is not fixed and the TPMS light still comes on. Honda claims this is not a problem nationwide and acts as though our vehicle is the only one they have heard of having this problem. Does anyone know anything about this problem? The warranty will expire in March 2013. I called Honda to report the problem and that the dealership is not able to fix the car and they said I needed to take it back in to either the same place or find another dealership. We will try one more time, but I wanted to know if there is any kind of legal obligation on Honda’s part.

I also have a 2010 CRV and have the same, exact problem - I’ve had the TPMS warning light reset twice. If I’m driving more than 20-30 minutes, it comes back on again. Very frustrating!