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Honda CRV 2002

The Check Engine Light came on a day or two ago, and I just got the codes read at Auto Zone. They were P1167 (Primary Heater System) and P0420 (Something about catalytic converter). What do these codes indicate, AND (more importantly) how urgently do I need to get it serviced?


It appears there is a problem with the primary oxygen sensor heater circuit. I would replace the primary oxygen sensor.

I agree. It could be your primary O2 sensor. Which would be better. A P0420 is a catalytic converter efficiency code. Which would need a new catalytic converter. Which costs much more.

Your mechanic should follow this check-list and save you a pile of money: He’ll probably take the easy, simple, profitable way out and just change the catalytic converter. Sometime later (weeks, months), the problem will reappear (because only the SYMPTOM was removed).

The 1167 is probably referring to the heater circuit in the O2 sensor. It could be a faulty O2 and since most O2 heater circuits are fused, the appropriate fuse should be checked.
The latter code may be caused by the former so fix the 1167 first and go from there.

You can probably allow this to linger a bit without causing any problems but my personal opinion is that I don’t like things to linger. Sometimes the lingering makes a minor problem a bit more major.

The only urgency would if you are nearing 80k miles. If your cat converter is failing or failed it is covered for 8yrs/80k miles.

Ignoring an O2 sensor problem typically turns into a cat converter failure.

I hope you find a mechanic who will do the appropriate checks, and NOT simply change parts. Anyone, with some tools, can change parts. It takes someone more conscientious and capable to actually fix the problem, which ISN’T the same as just changing parts.