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Honda CRV 2001 wouldn't back up on hill!

When parked nose down in a steep (and narrow) driveway, was unable to get it into gear to back out. After many, many tries it finally got into gear and backed up. Seems to be working fine otherwise. Needless to say, no more parking in the driveway, What do you think it will take to repair this??

Automatic or manual transmission?

If you could not shift it easily because it didn’t want to come out of Park, try the following:

Shift into neutral with your foot firmly on the brake.

Set the parking brake-hard.

Take you foot off the regular brake and let the cars weight be held by the parking brake.

Shift into park and take out your key.

When you want to leave, start your engine, put the car in the gear you want to drive in and release the parking brake.

Do you mean that you put the car in reverse but it went forward like it was in neutral? If so, is the transmission fluid level correct? Is the fluid pink or red without a burnt smell? Has the transmission been properly serviced all along?

let me clarify. It is an automatic, and the shifter will go into reverse. It just wouldn’t catch and go in reverse. thanks!

Did you check the transmission fluid level ? Please answer others questions !