Honda Crosstour ex-l v-6 starting issues

There are a number of threads on starter issues on the Crosstour and other models. I have a 2013 V6 EX-L that I purchased new. Last year the starter started grinding and I replaced it. The car had previously had the torque converter replaced and when I replaced the starter, I noticed that the dealership had installed a shim where the starter mounts to the aluminum housing. I guess there is a service bulletin to add the shim.

The problem seemed to be resolved. However recently in about 5% of the starts, the brake pedal is very hard when depressed with no give and the starter then grinds when the push button start is engaged. When I shut down the car and hit the push button start on and off again without my foot on the brake and then test the pedal until has a bit of give, the car starts right up with no problem or grinding.

Any ideas?

I can only speculate that something is causing the pedal movement to bind mechanically somehow when this trouble happens. Why the starter grinds when this happens. I can only guess that the safety switch on the brake pedal isn’t closing well and the solenoid isn’t getting the normal power it needs to work properly. My best guesses on this strange issue.

Thanks Cougar. I checked the mechanics of the brake pedal when this problem appeared. No visible issues. I am stumped.

You may need to use some shims on the starter motor,what was right for the old starter may not be right for the new one.

There may be a hidden problem inside the brake master cylinder causing the pedal problem.

It will grind if you started the engine when it was already started.Happens to me sometimes because the engine is so quiet I cannot tell from inside the cabin if its on or off.