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Honda cr-v vibration,1999

Just purchased it with 145,000, in great shape. Has a vibration no one can find. Axles, 4 new tires, new brakes/rotors, motor mounts, rear stuff, cv joints replaced, next to getting a new car he can’t find out where the vibration is coming from. It is constant does not change with accelerating or stopping, just a front vibration felt in the steering wheel, enough to bother me. any other suggestions?

Are you saying the vibration is present when the vehicle is at a dead stop? Just clarifying this first.

yes, it is constant, does not get worse at any different speed. thanks

Check all your front inner and outer tie rods and also have your lower ball joints checked. Might have the whole front end checked again. I would also check to see if all your engine and transmission mounts are good.

I would have a compression test performed on this engine since this vibration is present at idle also.

Hopefully this will not bring bad news. The reason why this procedure is done is that this could be an engine performance problem which could be minor or it could be major.
The CRV is one of those vehicle with mechanical valve lifters in which the lash should be inspected and adjusted as necessary every 30k miles at most.

Honda, in their infinite wisdom, has chosen like some other car makers to recommend well over 100k miles inspections, which is asinine at best.
By the time a problem with this shows up it’s often too late. The damage (burnt valves) is done and the repair costs can be high.

It’s not the car owners fault this happens. It’s a not very smart factory recommendation and it’s also one of those out of sight, out of mind things that happen.
I’d get a compression test run and weed that out right off the bat.