Honda CR-V analyze the engine oil quality to determine fluid change need?

Does a recent Honda CR-V analyze the engine oil quality to determine if the fluid change is needed?

The dash come up with an indicator - but you could be doing an average use Vs weekly interstate (eg 1k/ week on a freeway)?

Speaking of which - what happens to the coolant, especially nowadays they are going for 70k-100k? Do they have a device to dip-in the gauge the quality - if so is this just the PH?

No, the oil change service interval is computed based on how the car is used over that time. Speed, load, start cycles, warmup cycles ect. The algorithms developed to determine when the best time is to change your oil are based on LOADS of experimental data the manufacturer collects on their test cars.

Coolant change intervals are usually mostly based on time with limits on mileage. It is not based on pH. Your owners manual has the recommended change interval for your car.

No its just a computer estimating what it should be. It doesn’t know if you have quality oil in it or not. Some are more sophisticated and I’ve argued with the dealer who swears they have done tons of research to come up with the software. Still I change at 5000 miles which is about 50% of what they say the oil life is. Gives me a good margin for error and makes me feel better.

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@bing Do you use Full Synthetic?

Incidentally, I use Full Synthetic (not high mileage) on a 2000 Acura Integra with 130k - change every 5k. Would u do it differently? It is mostly stop and go drive - ie local drive - does 4k/yr.

I use 0-20 syn in my Acura and change at 5000 or 50%, and 5-30 dino in my Pontiac and change at 3000 or about 50%.

If you really want to check out the OLM, send a sample to an oil analysis lab the next time you change your oil and see how close their analysis is to your OLM estimate of remaining lifetime. You may need to interpret the oil analysis to change it into a percentage life remaining.

Blackstone charges an extra $10 to take a look at the additive depletion for a life estimate. So that would be $28 plus another $10, for what it’s worth. Probably more important for trucks that use gallons of oil instead of quarts to more precisely determine oil life. I’m not familiar with other labs though and their costs.

A reminder for those who have never tested with Blackstone. The remaining oil life is only part of what you get for your money. Any part of the motor with problems will put bad stuff in the oil. So, the oil test essentially checks ring condition; coolant leakage; valve train condition; bearing condition; and probably more. The lab knows what is normal and when something exceeds norms, will tell you what the problem probably is. It’s almost like having a team of mechanics tear down your motor and miking every part, except it won’t cost thousands of dollars.

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Do u need get the sample oil only when you change - ie 3k or 5k?
I take it there is no point ding it right after 1k oil change?

What mileage is it worth doing it? One of my car is 130k - I had it for over 12yrs, 2000 year model. This Acura runs fine though.

There is only Blackstone? If there is a place locally, I would prob walk in and get it done!