HONDA CR-V 98 Worn out tires

My tires were brand new 7,500 miles ago. Today, I noticed that the front tires were worn out on the inside so much the tires will have to be scrapped. The back tires look great. Is the loud squeaking/screeching noise that my car has lately whenever I turn the wheel (or break) as I drive less then 35 mph a part of the problem? I know the alignmnet needs to be done but can a bad alignment alone wore out the inside of the tires to the wire? Please help me understand… Thank you!!!

Yes, poor wheel alignment can wear tires out very quickly. And it can also make the tires squeal when you turn. The squealing you hear is rubber being scuffed off the tires as they slide along the road instead of rolling smoothly. They are sliding because of the improper alignment.

Read your owner’s manual carefully about replacing tires. If your CR-V has All Wheel Drive you may need to buy four matching tires instead of just two.

Yes it will wear tires.
Has struts been replaced lately, when they are replaced you will need alignmnet so may be best to do at same time.
If you have 4wh dr you must get 4 tires or chance of drivline trouble $$$.
Ask around for good frontend shop this is REAL important.