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Honda Console Gremlins

We pulled the blower from our 95 Honda Accord but have done something in the process.

Now our speedometer / odometer isn’t working, and the red light of the indicators

in the gauges isn’t working. The green background light of the gauges work, but

not the red indicator lights that allow

you to read the gauges - at night.

Did we inadvertently blow a fuse that controls both of these functions when

replacing the blower or pull something

out of place?

Or is this damnable Console gremlins?

One friend says yes, and a mechanic friend

says unrelated, just coincidence.

Check the fuses. Then you’ll know whether or not one or more is blown.

Did you reconnect all the electrical connectors you separated during the blower replacement? Are you sure?

I’d look for loose connections.

If everything worked before you started taking things apart everything should work after you put things back together.

The speedometer / odometer came back to life and its been running fine. Then we hit a series of bumps and it goes quiet. Then suddenly it comes to life down the road after some period of time having passed.

The Red indicator lights of the gauges (little red light that illuminates the gauges needles (indicators) still has not come back. Maybe that is a fuse. I’ll have to get a real chart for the fuses as the manual and the boxes are cryptic.

The Heater/cooler comfort buttons on the console are also still disabled except
the one that blows onto the windshield to keep it dry and clear.

I will look for a loose ground, a dead fuse and check the plugs for connection, and
will also check the connection from the back of the speedometer.

Any other ideas are most welcome!!