1998 Corolla


I’m driving a '98 Toyota Corolla which has never had any issues up to this point save the normal wear-and-tear type problems (brakes, serpentine belt, oil, etc…).

Today, while driving home after running an errand, I had an issue occur with my car. The first indication was that something was wrong was that the fan that heats/cools the cab stopped while running the A/C. The next thing I noticed was that the speedometer (analog) and odometer (digital) were not working as well. While pondering this at a stop light I also noticed that the temperature gage was not working as well (my car had been running for several minutes and it was at its rest point like it is when the car has been off for several hours). My radio, dome light, the blinker indicators are working along with all exterior lights. I looked at the fuse boxes but couldn’t get the fuses out so I couldn’t check to see if there is a fuse problem Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks in advance.


You could have anything from loose or dirty battery connections to a faulty engine computer. Rusted or missing ground wire from engine to body.