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Honda computer issues

I have replaced the computer in a Honda Civic twice. The first time the car was acting like it wasn’t getting power;the engine would rev when the gas pedal was pressed but the car would not go! so the computer was replaced, and two weeks later,t he same thing happened. They said it was a short and would not replace the computer-it was our problem. Finally, they agreed to replace the part. Got the car back, fixed a ouple of othere things and now, two weeks later, the same thing is happening. Car acts like it’s not getting any power, and this time the check iengine light came on. The car has a new altenator, new battery, and the after-factory radio has been removed…


What year, engine and transmission is in this Honda Civic? What were those “ouple othere things” that were fixed, please?

Have you had the codes (including any pending) read yet? Post them here so we can have a chance at guessing at any problems.

2001 auto. not sure on the engine. Had to have a new oil pan installed, altenator, battery. Don’t know about the codes since I had to fight with Honda to get the sencond computer installed they were not willing to share much with me.

That’s OK…see if there’s an Autozone, O’Reily’s or other auto parts place near you. They’ll read the codes for you. Normally for free, as they expect you to then buy the parts to fix it.

I would but the car cannot be driven! Like I said, when in gear and the gas pressed, the engine revs but the car will not move…alls they kept telling me for the past four months is that its the computer…

Transmission gone south or a broken halfshaft? If the engine is revving and the car ain’t moving the problem has to be in the drivetrain.

There’s not enough info known about previous codes, how any alleged computer problem was arrived at, etc and there could be a story behind any computer replacement. That story is not known to me and maybe not even you.

By looking into what you said, I found two TSB for your car, related to the transmission, one calls for the replacement of the the ECM (00-098; this was a recall, by the way…) and the other the transmission itself (04-036). I could not figure out how to upload the pdf files on this, sorry.