Honda civic wing morror indicators flashing in spots

Hi i recently smashed my passenger wing mirror :persevere:
Ive just received my new mirror but it didnt come with the indicator led strip. I have finaly brought one of them now but when i plug it in… both mirror indicators only flash in 2 spots and not the hole strip??
Im so confused!! The new led is exactly the same as the broken one and i made sure all connectors are in nice and tight. But still only flashing in 2 spots on the left mirror and the same on the right mirro


Has anyone ever had this problem before?
Ive searched high and low on the internet and cannot find a thing.

Thanks in advance :thinking:

Did you buy this on eBay?

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The chance that anyone who had this problem is really low. Most people would have purchased an original equipment replacement or had a body shop repair the damage . Not surprised you can’t find muh on the web about this. I also wonder where you bought the mirror .