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Honda civic handbrake

Hi, I need help. How can I fix my stuck handbrake?

A lot more info, please. Stuck how? Stuck on? Stuck off? Button doesn’t move? Lever jammed? Lever drops, but brakes still on? Drum brakes? Disc brakes? Stock wheels or custom rims?

Also, as always, please include year, make, model, options.

this is a 2006 Honda Civic LXi V-tec, fully auto. It was stuck on. Button was moving but it was pulled up too much. I tried to pull up and press button so that it will release but it won’t go down.

Get a stronger friend or move to get better leverage. The lever must move up a tad to get the tension off the release button. Muscle is the only way to do it.

I already had two friends to do it, unfortunately, it reached it’s max and can’t be pulled up and down. Any other way aside from muscle? Thanks…

A hammer to the button? Cut the cables to release the tension? You could remove the console cover and unjam the brake lever at the source. At this point, I cannot offer a non-destructive option.

Put a folded up rag over the button and have someone pulling up on the handle while tapping the release button firmly with a hammer. You just might un-jam it with out destroying it, Good Luck.

The button is ok, it can be pressed but the lever was pulled up too much so it got stuck. I think I should remove the cover by a mechanic. What do you think?

If this works the same as my wifes Sonata the trim around the shift lever & park brake lever simply pries out.

If yours is the same, try prying it out with a small screw driver. This should give you access to the park brake cable adjusting screw. Try loosening it (counterclockwise) & see if that helps.

now ok guys! We just hammered the button and simultaneously put down the lever. Thanks to all of you!