Honda Civic collant specs


I have a 2003 Honda civic, and my coolant has leaked out rather quickly. (within 30 minutes of being parked) I am taking it in tomorrow, but was going to fill the coolant reservoir before leaving but cannot find anything on what to use… Any suggestions?


fill the actual radiator, not just the reservoir. 50/50 coolant/water. You can pick it up premixed for convenience, then just pour away.


As noted you need to fill the radiator not the overflow tank. How far are your going to drive? If not too far you should be fine with just adding water.


its just over 2 miles. i drove it this morning. The mechanic said it looks like my radiator itself is leaking… What could have caused this?


Several things could have caused this…

Corrosion (how often do you change your fluid??).

A rock could easily cause this.