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Honda Civic 2015 Skidding Brake Problem

Hey, I am having a problem with my 2015 Honda Civic Sedan LX. I am not sure if others who own a Civic Sedan LX 2015, but has anyone notice that during the winter when accelerating on snowy pavement and then trying to stop, the car just skids. I am not sure if it is because of the wear on the tire treads simply being garbage (15" basic that comes with) or its my braking system. I however just had the brakes checked and everything seem fine and dandy.

Does the vehicle have winter tires?


Apparently its all season tires and its 195.

Sounds like you are driving to fast for conditions.

There is snow and ice on the road - SLOW DOWN

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Are these are the original tires with How many miles ? That could be your problem or is it possible that this is your first vehicle with Anti Lock Brakes and you really are not skidding.

The anti brake systems are present when I am stopping which is what I suspected from the noise but, I tested it out and I could actually see the car skidding with the ABS active.


Tires vary dramatically. It’s especially noticeable on snow and ice. I didn’t like the winter performance of my then new 1999 Civic, but I liked the car and wanted to keep it. Before the second winter I bought 4 Michelin winter tires mounted on steel rims. Made a very gratifying improvement. When the original tires were due for replacement, I bought 4 Michelin unidirectional tires, for 3-season use, mounted on the original rims. Another improvement.

Tires are a great opportunity to make your car work better for you.

And how did you do that , you can’t see the tires from inside the vehicle.

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I had someone drive it and it was simply skidding 2-3 feet. The car itself onyl has about 25000km on it

I meants 25k

All season tires are good for spring, summer and fall. They are not very good on snow or ice. If they are the original tires they may be near the end of their life, but the person who checked your brakes should have noticed that. I am going to agree with @It_s_Me that you may be driving too fast for conditions.

If it still has the tires that came with the car new, I expect that’s the main problem. Honda has little incentive to put long wearing tires on its new cars, so they save money (and you too b/c this lowers the price of the car) by putting tires with tread that will last 2-3 years or so, the warranty period. Your car is 4 years old. I expect you already know that sometimes a car will skid not matter what kind of tires you have installed if the particular condition of the road is bad. There’s a condition called “black ice” that sometimes develops & is nearly impossible to design a tire to prevent skidding and even going totally out of control. Other than chains, studded snow tires is about the best you can do for that sort of severe winter road condition, but even that doesn’t always work. Ask me how I know … :wink:

I drive in the city going 20-35mph, but I am also skidding I am just wondering if that is normal in these conditions. I skid about a feet or two. Should I get a new set of all season tires that could work better for the winter? My parents own a 2001 Civic with all season tires but they dont seem to have a problem but they dont have ABS either so maybe I am just new it?

I have never seen anti lock brake partially work. If there is something wrong with them the whole antilock system shuts down.

I think that you are driving to fast if you are on snow in city traffic. You still have not said how old tires or just how much tread they have. As for your parents Civic they probably have newer tires and I think the thing does have ABS. You keep saying sliding a foot or two , if that is just before you come to a complete stop that may be normal.

The tires are just over 3 years old, but the thing is, I rarely drive on the freeway. I do know that a 1 year ago, the mechanic mentioned in the report that my tire treads were somewhat worn out but I disregard it since the car was simply still new. I have been going back to Honda for maintenance and they checked on the tire wear, it was fine, so at this point I don’t know what to do. Should I get new tires?

New winter tires would only help, never hurt. Next time you visit your shop ask them how much tread is left, usually given in units of 1/32 inch; so if the tread is still serviceable they’ll say something like “5/32 inch”. Most state’s require at least 2/32 for the car to be considered legally safe to drive. But 2/32 isn’t enough for winter driving conditions in snow and ice country imo. Also as tires age the rubber can harden, which makes whatever tread left less effective.

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Our 15’ civic tires were fine in 3 mn winters. Have older snow tires now. But we have had very little snow. We are at 36k and tread on a/s tires is still ok. I agree. Adjust your driving style

As George_San_Jose1 says, we need to know your tread depth. If it’s under 6/32, my opinion is that that’s not safe for driving in snow. If the tires are three years old, there’s a pretty good chance that this is the case.