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Honda Civic '08 P/S fluid

Daughter’s car. Not sure of mileage, but on the order of 100K. P/S fluid is a little low, and I’m hoping that is the cause of the “sometimes makes a creaking noise when I turn, and the same noise when turning off the car.” (Hoping, because other guess would be suspension$$$ + it’s not really doing it when car is shut off.)

Owner’s Manual says to use only genuine Honda fluid. Is that for real, or is it just marketing? Is there something suitable at parts stores?

It’s not just marketing

The generic power steering fluid is incompatible with Hondas. You have to either buy it from the dealer, or at least get an aftermarket fluid which specifically says it’s for Honda and Acura. The auto parts stores carry this type of fluid.

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You don’t have to buy the Honda brand, but when you buy power steering fluid make sure the label says “power steering fluid for Honda vehicles.”

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Yeah, that’s what I figured. Son-in-law has been tasked to stop by dealer and buy a bottle.