Honda Accord - Reverse Whine


Hi, I have a 2002 Honda Accord EX. It has about 75K miles on it. The brakes squeak terribly (seems standard on hondas :slight_smile: but a new thing is happening. When I put the car in reverse and back out of a parking space the car gives off this high pitched whining noise. As soon as I put it back into drive the noise stops. Any ideas? I am taking it to Midas this Saturday to replace the brakes as I know they are probably overdue to be changed as well. Thanks in advance


Manual or automatic?


Automatic. Accord EX - thank you :slight_smile:


OK. If it was a manual then the noise could be normal because the reverse idler gear is a straight cut gear and they tend to make a whining noise in reverse.

If you have a whining noise with a automatic I would have it looked at because there could be a problem.

DO NOT have Midas look at it though.


Who should I have look at? I just ask because in the past the Midas locally has been honest with repair issues and the Honda dealer basically asks you to grab your ankles first (sorry to be crude :slight_smile: Plus with the amount of miles on it, the warranty period is certainly past.


willey is correct about midas. brakes and shocks fine, but no internal engine or transmission work.

look at this.

covers 2000 2001 models but a polite call to the regional office might get you what is called a good will warranty repair since the symptom is similar to the covered models.


You need to find a good local independant garage. Dealers charge a lot more because they have a lot more overhead, and chain stores like Midas tend to attract less experianced mechanics and, due to their franchise orginization, are often more concerned about short-term profits than establishing lasting relationships with customers, which can tempt them into selling you services you don’t need. For this issue, I would probably take it to either an independant Honda specialist (if there is one in your town) or a transmission shop.