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Honda Accord - Phillip screws on brake rotors

I jus replaced the front pads and rotors on my 2006 Accord LX. I had a tough time removing the two Phillip screws from each rotor. The heads were stripped and I had to use a screw extractor. I did not bother replacing the screws, I’m not really sure what purpose they serve. The only reason I found online was that the screws were there to hold the rotors in place at the assembly line. So not replacing them, is that the right approach? Thanks,

That’s all they’re used for. Once the rotor is mounted to the hub the lug studs prevent the rotor from rotating on the hub. And once the tire/wheel are mounted on the rotor/hub and the lug nuts are torqued, that clamps the rotor to the hub.


The screws are there to keep the rotors flush and tight against the hub while the wheels and/or brake pads are removed from the car for routine service. This keeps rust and dirt from getting between the rotor and hub and causing vibration, pulsation, and noise.

You can get one of those hammer screwdriver sets for $10-20. You hammer on it and the phillips bit turns slightly to remove the screw. The only way to do it but seldom used. The only reason I can figure out they’d use phillips instead of star or hex is they must have bought a bazillion screws on sale.

The impact screwdriver @Bing mentions is a great tool, rarely needed but when you need it, it is worth every penny. It converts the linear motion of the hammer into rotational motion, while simultaneously driving the bit into the screwhead so it does not strip the slot. More than once I’ve been able to remove a screw that the head was already badly buggered up, well beyond being able to hold an ordinary screwdriver.

+1 on the impact screw driver.
It is one of those tools that, after you get it, you wonder how you ever got stuck screws out without one.

Sears and Harbor freight sell them.

I got my impact screwdriver at Ace Hardware. If you have an Ace near you, it might be on the shelf. Here’s the one I bought: