Ford F-150 brake rotor retaining screws

I have a 2014 f150 supercab 2WD. I’m replacing the front brake pads and rotors. It has 41k miles on it so I’m assuming the pads/rotors are original. I’ve noticed that the new rotors has a space for retaining screws. The old rotor did not have that. Should I be concerned?

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Those threaded holes aren’t for retaining screws.

You screw bolts into those hole to push the rotor off if it should become rusted to the hub.



No, that’s not what you’re looking at

Those are threaded holes, so that you can use a bolt to “walk” the rotor off the hub, when it comes time to remove them in the future

Oh! That makes sense. Thanks y’all.

Mainly those screws are put in on the assembly line, just to hold the rotors on while the front assembly is being put together.

Keeps one from falling on somebody’s foot.


Thanks for the explanation. Makes me feel better.