Honda Accord Engine Vibration & Noise @ 1500 RPM

Hey my honda city is also facing this same issue.
Have you found any solution for this?
Waiting for your support

I had the same issue and it drove me crazy for a week where in between 1500 and 2000 RPM i was hearing some noises with my 2018 accord than i decided to open up the hood and check and i noticed that my oil catch can is loose and was making that sound because the engine was shaking more at those numbers more when accelerate and that makes the catch can to make that noise louder and when i tighten that can and drove again that noise were gone, it might differ from a car to a car due to probably something different lose somewhere so i suggests everyone to just check under the hood before going to the dealer, i probably late to this subject but hey late better than never this might help someone in the future :heart:

have the tranny mounts checked along with the motor mounts.

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