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Front Brake Pads

I recently changed the front brake pads on my 2005 2WD Dodge Durango. The left pads were worn almost to the metal backing but the right side had plenty of pad left. Is there a simple explanation for this or do I have some kind of problem with the front end. All tires are wearing equal and stopping is straight without any pull.

Gary, Were Both Inner And Outer Pads On Left Almost Equally Worn Down?
And were both inner and outer pads on the right almost equally unworn?
Was there one pad in particular that showed more wear than the other 3? If so, which one?


A sticking left caliper can cause the left pads wear faster than the rights.


Some people are confused with the “sticking caliper” tag. A caliper can stick on its sliding pins or the piston of the caliper can stick in its bore.

CSA’s Response Was Getting At The Former, Tester’s Response, The Latter. Who’s Confused?


Both pads were equally worn.

I agree with CSA you most likely have a sticking caliper. I would take it back off and clean and lube the caliper bolt pins. I’m not familiar with Dodge but this link will take you to an image of them that will help. Clean them with steel wool and solvent coat them with bearing grease and reinstall them. You could also have a sticking cylinder and if so you most likely you need a new one if that is the case. They are easy to replace but you will have to blead the breaks lines afterward.

Gary, That Sounds Like A Sticking Caliper As Tester Suggested. Even Wear Suggests That The Caliper Is “Sliding” Or “Floating” O.K., But Not Fully Releasing.

That caliper and its hardware need to be checked out.


The general public,they don’t know that “sticking caliper” can mean more than one thing,did I clear it up for you?

Oldschool, Yes, Thanks. You Were Going In The Same Direction We Were Going.