Oil light coming on when on ramps and sometimes at stop signs


My oil light almost always comes on when I am toward the top or bottom of an inclined exit ramp. It also tends to make a very faint chugging sound at that time. It sometimes comes on at stop signs/lights, but that is not as consistent. Any ideas what it could be, or how much to fix? We took it in, but they told us we had a leak and charged us $700 to fix that. I don’t want to get hosed on this! Thanks.


Year, make, model, mileage would be very helpful…


Providing some info on the vehicle might help. Kind of car, mileage, etc.
The shop fixed a leak so how low was the oil level?

The oil light was coming on because the level was too low, it has a defective oil pressure sending unit, or the worst of the options - the crankshaft bearings are going or gone.
Crankshaft bearings could be worn out due to high mileage, irregular oil changes, driving habits, or running the engine too low on oil.

Whenever an oil light comes on this means stop right then and there and shut the engine off. Do not drive it one foot until it is known that the oil level is fine.


I had the same problem with my 94 accord. Several posters here suggested that the oil filter was defective. I changed the oil and filter and the light has never come on again (the light is operational and comes on when the key is turned to the acc/on position).


If the light comes on on an incline then it seems pretty obvious that the level of the oil is FAR too low. Did you check the dipstick? That’s your first stop.

Year, Make, Model and Mileage from now on please!!!



How often do you check oil level?

Is it low when you check?