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Honda Accord 2010 V6 Check Engine Light

Hi Guys,

So today my check engine light came on and had it checked. It says “P3400 Cylinder Deactivation System Bank 1.” I have no idea where to go from here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
2010 V6 EX-L

Check your oil level immediately, and read this:


If the oil level is ok, there’s probably a problem with the activation of one of the rocker arm control solenoids or the pressure switch is faulty. Could just be a loose connection. From what I understand about how this system works, the engine computer activates the control solenoids which pause the intake and exhaust valves. Meanwhile the computer checks the system’s oil pressure. If there is a difference between what the oil pressure should be compared to what it is, it flags a fault, this code.

This isn’t likely a diy’er fix-it project. You could perhaps do a visual check that all the associated electrical connectors for the solenoids and pressure switches are in place, and of course that the oil is in good shape and topped off. Beyond that you’d probably need testing equipment and experience that only a Honda specialist is going to have. This is the price we pay for all the gadgets and gizmos and extra performance we like to have.

Besides the bulletin above, ask your Honda dealership if there are any others that might be in play. I’m seeing one, number 13-031 that’s a customer interest bulletin for this code, known faulty part problem. Customer interest bulletins often come with some help from the manufacturer that goes beyond the new car warranty terms.


Thank you @insightful & @George_San_Jose1. I did find out that it needed oil, so I ended up changing the oil and the issue seems to be resolved. I will however bring it in to the dealer for the #11-033 issue. Thanks a lot again guys!!

That tells me that you need to pick one day a week to check your oil level before starting the vehicle.