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I have a 2006 Honda Accord with 55,000 mi. The front brakes pulsate when braking. I assume I need new brake pads. Is it best tojhave original Honda ceramic pads installed or will aftermarket ceramic pads function be as quiet and function as well?

Aftermarket pads will work just as well.

Expect to need new rotors also.

thank you same mt. bike,
couldn’t the rotors be cut/resurfaced?

If the rotors have not previously been machined, then they can probably be cut.
However, you need to be aware that because the rotors will be somewhat thinner after machining, they will be more prone to warping than new rotors. In my experience, many people who opted to have their rotors machined needed to have those rotors replaced within a few months–hence two labor charges.

Since new rotors are not that much more expensive than having the old ones machined, I think that new ones are a much better value for the money.

thanks VDCdriver
does VDCdriver or anyone else know about what it would cost for brake pads and rotors - front and rear installed for 2006 Honda Accord V6 EXL?

I agree on just replacing the rotors, they are obviously warped to begin with and shaving them true will just work for a while until they warp again. Make sure whoever puts your tires back on they torque the lug nuts to specs, in the proper order. Not doing this can also help rotors warp prematurly.

Thanks pqdyk1. Appreciate everyones advise.

This is going to vary considerably, depending on your area of the country and whether you go to the dealership or an independent garage. However, I would estimate that the cost could range anywhere from $400.–$800., including parts and labor for pads and rotors, front and rear. Be sure that you also have your brake fluid changed at the same time.

Pads are pads you can get them at a parts store. The pulse usually comes from a warp in the rotor. Pads are about $30(all around). rotor( the disk part) are about $25 each. The honda original parts are ok but I always use after market parts. Recutting disk brakes depends on how bad they are and often is ultimately more expensive than new. The labor time to cut the disk and the shorter life of the disk(its already warped) often is not worth the effort. New cars to save weight have a very thin disk to start with.

Before you change the front, don’t forget to check the rear first. Start there if you notice one side that is worn a lot more than the other. If you don’t have a pulsating brake pedal, sometimes it’s a rear brake that is causing the problem.