Honda Accord 2008 Stall



I am stunned when my 2008 Accord stalled for no reason. It simply stopped on the road. There was no noise, no smell or lighting, which would not be pleasant but I would rather there were some signs. For heaven?s sake, at least I could have been alerted and got ready for the deadly stop. By the way, I could not turn that wheel.

Car answered my call, and started again. Apparently, it did not want to fail my sincere desire to get away from the car crash. It moved a few hundred feet, unwillingly, then gave up. It answered my awakening calls a few more times, for its reputation, before it totally exhausted and disabled in the middle of four ?lane city road. Police arrived, he made attempt to start the car. My Honda responded him with a quick jerk and moved 200 hundred feet. However, it decided its way is the only way. No surrender!!

What could be even more frustrated than a used-to-be reliable car abandoned on you for no warning? I have the answer for you!! It is when the service guy from the dealer said he could not duplicate the problem and no error code recorded in the computer. He adviced me to continute driving until it acted out again. What is difference between sitting on a gas tank next to fire and driving a vehicle with an unknown problem that might cause deadly injury when it stalls and I have not yet built strong muscle to turn the wheel away from the railing on the highway? I wonder there is any life insurance will cover me if I tell them I am driving a car with uncertainty.

I have problems to get back in this car.

Any one has/had similar issue and what did you do to get it fixed? Any advice helps!!