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Honda Accord 1999 V6 auto @ 180,000 miles

My car has the V6 that runs great.

I bought the car used at 80,000 miles.

Is it necessary to replace the timing chain and related components if it has never been done? Is there any other major components that should be changed at this point?

It was probably done already otherwise the engine would have died by now.

Look in your owner’s manual for the correct change interval. I have the 4 cyl edition and for me it’s 105k.

My Information Shows This As An Interfernce Type Engine With A Timing Belt
If it has never been done, it could break at any time and cause hundreds of dollars of engine damage. An interference engine, as opposed to a free-wheeling design, has valves that can collide with pistons if the belt breaks or slips badly. If it was done according to the maintenance schedule, then you are probably overdue again.
Check your manual for the mileage/time recommendation of required replacement.
You will want to replace the tensioner, tensioner pulley, water pump, and other related parts at this time.

The only place I would drive is to the shop (if it’s nearby!).

Timing belt due change, long, long, time ago. Timing belt break soon. Promise.

If it really is a timing chain, no problem. If it is a timing belt, and it has not been changed, you have been very very lucky, but that luck is not going to last much longer. You should be coming up on the second timing belt.

Not changing it is very expensive often means a new engine. There are no warning signs so you can’t just put it off. I would get it done in the next week. Call today for an appointment.