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Honda accord 1999 selling price

I don’t have a lot of car buying/selling experience and would like to look for second hand opinion from others on the price of my 1999 Honda Accord. It’s has about 85k miles clocked in and need a paint job as the paint has peeled off on major sections of the car. It also needs a regulator replacement on the driver side window. And lastly, it makes noise when you turn left/right in a low speed which the mechanic quoted my dad $185 to fix (power steering problem? Not sure). I am not planning to fix the car before selling it.

Pretend that you are a buyer or seller for this car. How much would you agree to sell/pay for it? Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you all.

Google is you friend. There is a range of prices, one of the variables is location, I don’t know yours and frankly don’t care. You are making the money, you need to do the research. And using Google you would have gotten your answer long before I typed this.

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Use to estimate the value.

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That is way beyond my pretend abilities . Seriously Han, don’t you think that to estimate a price on a vehicle people would need to know your location . Plus how would you even know if I gave you a price that I would even know what I talking about? Just by your limited description after a test drive most people are going to look else where.

As a buyer that can work on cars myself… I walk up to a 19 year old car with shredded paint… I don’t expect much but that sets the price bar low. 85k on the clock is a warning that oil is likely sludged up so drop a few there. Busted window regulator, knock off a few more . Test drive, noises when turning… CV joints, steering rack maybe ( I will ignore anything you tell me about it) drop s the price another $$.

I might offer $900, take it or I walk.

Any buyer but a DIY mechanic would have to be desperate to even consider it and they may pester you after the sale for problems they think you should pay for. Just sayin’

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That’s good reason to:

A. Offer to take the car to the buyer’s mechanic for pre-purchase inspection, but only if the buyer pays the mechanic’s fee for the inspection; and

B. Make sure (by creating a bill of sale that both parties sign) that the sale is final and as-is.

I’ve never sold a car, but having sold two motorcycles in private sales, I’ve used the Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale template in Microsoft Word, after modifying it to remove all warranties and declare that the sale is “as-is”, to protect myself.

Very good idea! Good advice to anyone selling most anything. Protects your legal interests.

You can still get pestered by buyers whining about this and that trying to get you to pay for repairs, however. It helps to make it more difficult by using a “burner” telephone number for any ads.

Rough trade in value is about $1300. Private party value will be a bit higher probably closer to $2000. However, if I were a buyer for this car, I’d deduct the amount of money I’d have to spend to get the car up to my standards. So -$200 for the power window regulator, -$200 if the steering problem is power steering related and can be fixed for the amount you stated, possibly more if it’s front-suspension/wheel bearing related. And then about -$2000 for a paint job. So $2000 minus about $2400, means that you will have to pay me about $400 to take it off your hands. But seriously, if you get any offers of $1200 or more, I’d jump on them. If the timing belt has never been changed, then I’d accept anything over $800.

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Thank you all, I hope I didn’t offend anyone for providing too little information in my original post. As I mentioned, I don’t know much about buying/selling car so I didn’t think that the location would be a valuable information to sell a used car on your own.

Anyway, we had a price in mind (2k) I received an offer for $1.5k and was trying to see if it’s a good deal or not, but wasn’t able to include in my first post. Looking at the responses, I think I might just accept it.

Thanks again for taking the time!

I think that’s a decent offer.

I agree. Take it fast.

a 99 honda w/85k miles? dont say if it is a lx or ex with a 4cyl or v6 or a manual trans or auto and so on. i think those options do affect the price but there are many folks who really like hondas and would be all over this low mile car. i think 1500 is a good offer