Honda Accord 1994 Starting Problem

I have the problem of no-start with my 1994 Accord very randomly (can happen any time). I belive it due to a faulty relay located under dash near the stirring column. Can anybody help me with actual name of this relay so I can buy it from the Honda dealer. I have the comprehensive shop manual for this car on CD but can not find the relay causing the problem. Any advise from Honda experts are is really appreciated.Thanks

You’re trying to diagnose by symptoms and testimonials. Sometimes that “method” will work. Like any experiment, there’s a chance that will work. How much would it cost if it didn’t?
You have heard that, sometimes, a faulty PGM-FI Relay will cause stalls and no-starts. That’s, sometimes, true. When is it most likely true? When the car has been baking in the sun, and it’s HOT in the cabin. Because the PGM-FI Relay is on the underside of the dash, it gets quite hot, and won’t work right (let the engine start) until the car doors/windows have been opened long enough to let the inside of the car, and the PGM-FI Relay, cool, and begin to work again. If it doesn’t matter what the temperature inside the car is, there could be a problem inside the distributor. Heads, or tails?