"94 Accord Intermittent No Start"

1994 Honda Accord…Intermittent no start and intermittent shutdown.

History: I had an intermittent start problem about 2 yrs ago that finally grew to be a never start problem. I traced that problem back to the ICM in the distributor, replaced it & it worked fine for approx 2 years.

Current issue: When no start occurs, it has spark, fuel & compression & throws a code 15, “ignition output signal”. The engine fires for about 1 sec then shuts down. Both symptoms appear to be worst when car has been in sun & is hot in cab. I took a stab & replaced the ICM due to past intermittent problem, then replaced ignition switch (not the entire key-lock assembly). Found bad solder joints on the PGM-FI relay and have re-flowed solder. Have cleaned every ground strap I can find under the hood, wiggled harnesses & connectors under hood and on the ECM, but still have this very intermittent problem. Would you suspect my PGM-FI relay is the culprit since the code 15. Or, any other suggestions.

[b]From the way you describe the problem, it sounds like the main fuel pump relay is the culprit.

Honda’s have a history of this relay malfunctioning anytime the interior of the vehicle gets hot. This is due to solder joints opening up in the relay.

The relay is located under the dash, (interior getting hot), above the driver’s left knee.


Thanks! Do you know if the others who have had the PGM-FI (fuel injector relay)fail have experienced a code 15 as a result?