Honda Accord 1992 questions

What should be the RPM when cruising at 65 m.p.h. on a flat, well paved freeway? The car is carrying only the driver in this case. My transmission was replaced and my RPM is now 3,100 rather than, as I recall, around 2599. The mechanix says that the transmission is for a Honda Prelude and that they’re all the same. Is this true? By the way, my gas milage has proportionately dropped.

Also, how difficult is it to replace the rear shocks? Can this be done in the driveway with the car’s rear end securely up on blocks?

One last problem involves the status indicator on the dashboard. This is the one that shows the status of the doors, brake lights, etc. Sometimes this comes on and flickers. Sometimes it never comes on, except for the test flash when starting the car. Sometimes it always stays on. Is this an easy fix?

I assume this car has an automatic transmission. If there’s an RPM discrepancy it sounds like it’s not shifting into Overdrive. About all I can suggest there is that you take the car out on a deserted road and slowly accelerate up to highway speed while noting that the transmission makes the appropriate number of shifts.
If not, back to the guy who installed the transmission.

You state the transmission was replaced but does this mean with a used one? If so, it could also be caused by a slipping transmission and this is not good. Again, back to the guy (possibly) who installed it. It could be debateable if the trans is used because most shops won’t guarantee a used unit.

The car should have rear struts. If you’re not mechanically inclined it’s best to have someone do these because if a spring comes flying out of the spring compressor it can cause injury or even death.

As to the status indicator I have no idea without a wiring schematic in hand. Odds are it’s caused by a poor connection at some point in the wiring harness that may or may not be cured by unplugging the connector and plugging it back in. However, that will involve more than one connector scattered throughout the car and could be a trial and error thing to fix.

What car do you have? A 1992 Honda Accord Hybrid is very rare, indeed. If it is an Accord hybrid, that’s a 6-cyl and should have a 5-spd automatic. I have a 2005 V6 Accord (5 spd auto) and I run a little over 2000 RPM at 65 MPH. Yours should be the same.