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Honda 2012 Insight Battery Questions

I have a Honda 2012 Insight, having IMA issues. Honda said that they would cover the battery due to warranty.

So basically i Went to a Mechanic and he said i have to fix my ac compressor and condenser before i take it in for them to change the faulty battery because supposedly its all apart of the charging system and they wont fix the battery unless that is fixed first!

Someone told me everything has to be perfect with the car as well before they fix the battery is that true!

Can anyone tell me if thats true, and if its even part of the charging system at all!
Thank you guys in advance!

Was this a Honda dealer mechanic or an independent that specializes in hybrids?

specializes in hybrids thank you for your reply

Just take the vehicle to Honda and let them do every thing at once that way if you have a battery problem later they won’t refuse to fix it because you had work done else where.


@VOLVO_V70 do you think they can just fix the battery for me without fixing those two items compressor and condenser ?

That is a question that only Honda can answer . They have guidelines they have to follow for any warranty work.

okay Thank you!