Honda 2002 transmission issue in the purchase of a used car?

Then you DEFINITELY want to get it checked out thoroughly. I don’t mind if I get stuck in the middle of nowhere, but I definitely don’t want my daughter to! Mine’s 25.

$4k + another $1000-$1500 for tires/timing belt is a good deal for this one. The automatic transmission is wildcard. However on any 10 year old vehicle it is however Honda did not have a good track record in 2001/2002 either.

The truth is most owners do not bother with transmission fluid. That is why car makers went to “lifetime” fluid. The timing belt not being done does not hurt anything on the car until it actually snaps and breaks.

Flip of a coin.

Ok, thank you all for you input. Caused one heck of a synaptic overload headache which I assuaged with a decision…(after calling back the mechanic who had examined the car and had taken it for a ride 2 day ago. He said he didn’t notice any of the symptoms that I’ve mentioned, and when he drove through all the gears he didn’t notice any problems.)
Yup, I flipped the coin and told the owner I’d buy it.

Merci again,
I’ll let you know how things turn out.

Good for you…any decision relieves the immediate stress. Now get those other bits addressed or your new stress will be from the repair cost. Right now it’s mostly maintenance. Strive to keep it that way. :slight_smile: Good luck…

Checked out the car today and I couldn’t replicate earlier maybe tachometer or tranny symptoms. Drove well. Transmission fluid dipstick had nice cherry red color. Owner’s records-receipts(I viewed them) showed transmission fluid was drained and filled in Sept 09 (no mileage indicated) with synthetic ATF. New air filter in June 2010.(no mileage indicated) Front brakes-discs and pads replaced in 08 at 97870 miles. Numerous oil change receipts. Bought the car today. Will have my guy replace the timing belt,water pump and get a good “tune up” in the very near future. Tires on the menu also. Thanks to all,
Pistol Pete